Become a Franchisee

Flower Genie offers risk-averse individuals the opportunity to acquire a business franchise delivering an excellent financial return on investment while at the same time offering a flexitime work environment. Stock-holding is minimal and the product has no “sell by” date; is durable and imperishable and will never become obsolete or out of fashion. Limited business acumen is required to manage the franchise and all procedures and management systems are outlined as part of the agency package.  

The Product

The franchise business is based on the rental of premium quality silk flower arrangements to the corporate and office market. All arrangements are designed for longevity and are mostly set in a clear resin in top quality vases. Flower Genie has be defining and refining the product range for this market for more than 17 years. Its roots were started in South Africa and today the same product is marketed in Europe, Australasia, Africa and the Middle East. The floral components of the silk flower arrangements, as well as the containers, are sourced from the best international suppliers while all the arrangements are assembled locally by top floral artists in collaboration with pre-eminent designers ensuring that each piece is sympathetic to current interior design trends.  

The Franchise Concept

The concept of the franchise is to rent premium floral arrangements, commonly referred to as “Silks” to corporate clients, on a contractual basis, ideally for a minimum of 1 year. Back up service is then provided by exchanging these arrangements on a regular basis providing the customer with “fresh” floral arrangements at all times at a cost far lower than that of real flowers. This allows for the same arrangements to be used in rotation ensuring continual re-usage. They will be rotated by you on a monthly basis for the most part, or more frequently as you or the client may determine. Obviously more frequently is more expensive.  

The Target Market

Most companies currently have or desire to have a bowl of flowers in at least the reception area and/or boardroom in their place of business. Where a company can afford it and can find a good florist to supply quality product they will in all likelihood have real flowers on display.   There are many companies however, that cannot afford this luxury or simply find having to replace fresh flowers a tedious task and it is these potential customers that fall into the Flower Genie target market. The silk arrangements you are going to offer will nearly always look better than their fresh counterparts and at the same time be, one half, and often, nearly a quarter of the price.  

The Work

Initially, you will need to sell the concept of having one or more silk arrangements to a company. This is not easy but nor is it particularly difficult and as you get better known you will be surprised how many people approach you. You will have them sign a non-onerous contract and probably start them off there and then with one of the samples you are showing them and that it is. Well not quite – you will need to conclude their payment arrangements with them and all relevant details such as timing of the rotation - all this on the simple contract you will have them sign. You will use one or two items from your opening stock as samples and you will have a catalogue of pictures.